EUDXF-30 Award

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EUDXF 30 Award

Celebrating the 30th anniversary of the EUropen DX Foundation the EUDXF introduces the “EUDXF 30” award.

This award can be obtained by making connections with the various 30EUDXF station active from a number of countries until the end of the year 2016.

The award is available in 4 different classes:

  • Bronze: 10 QSO’s with at least 3 different countries
  • Silver: 15 QSO’s with at least 5 different stations
  • Gold: 20 QSO’s with at least 8 different stations
  • Platinum: 30 QSO’s with all 12 different stations

How to obtain this award?

Send a log extract showing the qso’s made to Alex PA1AW, the award manager.

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