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International Marconi Day 2017

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International Marconi Day – Award Classes

Period of Operation on 22nd April 2017

0000 UTC  to 2359 UTC

As in previous years the event will run for a full 24 hours with contacts made on HF only counting towards the award. All modes of radio communication are accepted towards the award and are actively encouraged.

Please note that VHF, UHF, internet modes such as Echolink and Digital Voice modes will not count towards the award for IMD.

The Certificates are of a very high quality and are well worth obtaining to display on the wall of any Shack. They are based on an original Marconi Stock Certificate Circa 1901.


Please Note: Any stations worked that are NOT on the registered list of participants will NOT count towards the award.

There are now only 2 categories:


To establish direct two-way communication with 15 of the official Award Stations, mixed modes are permitted.


To log two-way communications made by 15 of the official Award Stations, mixed modes are permitted.

Award for Listeners Class

As in previous years, it is suggested that transmitting amateur stations should log all two-way contacts heard between IMD award stations and other stations. Even if they fail to establish contact with the stations themselves, it will still be possible to claim the SWL award using a combination of heard and worked contacts. Nice touch to have both types of certificate on the shack wall too.

The Cornish Radio Amateur Club offers two special Award Certificates for working authorised International Marconi Day Award Stations: one is for Transmitting Stations and the other for Short Wave Listeners.

Your Award claim should state the Award Category claimed, and must be made in writing giving a FULL extract of your log together with your callsign and address (often forgotten !). The log extract may be a certified copy of the original log or a certified computer print out. Ideally, another amateur should certify that your log extract represents a true copy of the original log entries: if no other amateur is available, an adult signatory will be accepted.

Please post your claim to:

KenTarry G0FIC, IMD Awards Manager, Cornish Amateur Radio Club

38 Tresithney Road, Carharrack, Redruth, CornwallTR16 5QZ

email logs to: pendennis38@btinternet.com

The cost of the Award is the same for all Classes, which is as follows:

$10.00 US (notes, NO cheques) , €10 (notes, NO cheques) , £5.00 Sterling. Please make cheques payable to “Cornish Radio Amateur Club” Only Sterling cheques can be accepted please, cheques in US $ or Euro, including Euro Cheques cost us more to negotiate at the Bank than we are charging for the award and once post and packing are considered we make a loss !

Please note the following:

  • Only one HF/500 KHz radio contact with each IMD Special Event Station (Participating Station) will count towards the Award.
  • The Award is NOT cumulative, ie contacts made in previous or subsequent years with an IMD station WILL NOT count towards the Award. The required number of Award Stations must be worked during the SAME 24 hour period.

Qualifying Bands 

All bands from 160 Metres to 10 Metres plus 500 KHz

(Note: Contacts on 6 Metres and above will not count towards the Award)

Modes Permitted

CW, SSB, FM, AM and available Digital Modes i.e RTTY, PSK, JT, SSTV

Award Stations

For a list of IMD Award Stations, see our separate page – IMD Stations. This list is correct up to the time of the latest Web Page amendment. Only contacts from this list will be accepted for issue of the Award.

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