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Диплом " 1050-та річниця хрещення Польщі"

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На протязі квітня 2016 року, в єфірі тривають дні активності польських радіоаматорів які присвячені 1050-тій річниці хрещення Польщі.

Також буде видаватись диплом: "1050th Anniversary of the Baptism of Poland"

Нижче приведено умови диплому: 



1. Name of the award: "1050th Anniversary of the Baptism of Poland".
2. Aim: celebration of the 1050th Anniversary of the Baptism of Poland by the Polish radio amateurs.
3. Organiser: Polish Amateur Radio Union (PZK) and a group of Polish radio amateurs.
4. Patronage: President of the Polish Amateur Radio Union (PZK).
5. Duration of the radio action: from 1st to 30th April 2016.
6. Any of the following bands is accepted: 160 m, 80 m, 40m, 30m, 20m, 17m, 15m, 12m, 10m, 6m, 2m, 70 cm, all modes are accepted - repeated contacts are accepted on the same band, but on another mode.
7. The special event stations of the organiser taking part in the award action are as follows, each QSO=100 points:
SN1050PDL, SN1050PGK, SN1050PKA, SN1050PZK, SN1050CP, SN1050D, SN1050DG, SN1050JPM, SN1050KJU, SN1050KWA, SN1050LVK, SN1050M, SN1050PL, SN1050PRR, SN1050PZD, SN1050SLU, SN1050U, SN1050ZT, SN966CHP, SN966CP, SN966P, SN966W, SP1050CHR, 3Z1050CHP, SN1050CHP, SP1050CHP, SQ1050CHP, SN1050PMY, SN1050PBW.
8. Points.
SP and EU stations have to collect 1050 points, and DX stations (outside Europe) have to collect 500 points.
9. The award is also available to the SWL stations.
10. Applications for the award.
They are accepted in electronic form only, through the electronic platform of the organiser at the following website: www.1050cp.pzk.org.pl – until 31st May 2016. In particular cases and within some limits, applications are accepted via e-mail or via traditional mail, and they should be sent to the Award Manager (Hubert Marcinek, SP9MDY). The SWL stations have to send electronic logs to the e-mail of the Award Manager.

Hubert Marcinek
ul. Raciborska 61
Maków, 47-480 Pietrowice Wielkie/ Poland
E-mail: sp9mdy@interia.pl

11. Hubert Marcinek, SP9MDY is the Manager of the “1050th Anniversary of the Baptism of Poland” Award.
12. Confirmation of the contacts by QSL cards is not required, and verification of the contacts specified in the applications is based on the Internet platform of the organiser – available at the following address: www.1050cp.pzk.org.pl >> On-Line LOG
13. Confirmation of the contacts with any of all event stations is available for interested persons through the QSL bureaus (QSL exchange), or electronically – via LoTW and QRZ.COM Logbook.
14. The award on the occasion of the 1050th Anniversary of the Baptism of Poland will be issued in electronic version only, and for the best stations - who will collect the highest number of points in individual categories - the award in paper version will be mailed for free to:
- the three best Polish stations,
- the three best European stations,
- the three best DX stations
15. Moreover, the President of the PZK will fund “TOP-100 Challenge” commemorative plaques of merit for the winners in individual categories:
- for the best Polish station,
- for the best European station,
- for the best DX station (outside Europe)

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